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Certified Professional Canine Trainers

Force-Free Dog Training. LIMA Compliant. Effective, Educated, Ethical.

Welcome to dog and puppy training by Canine High School. We are a team of dog trainers that has been working with dogs at a professional level for over a decade in Long Beach. Our team is a family, we are a local, small business, minority owned and with a strong commitment to pay fair living wages to our team. We have created a positive work environment for our team that in turn reflects unto the puppies and dogs under our care.


We feel a strong sense of responsibility to our community; our combined education and experience are very strong assets that we are passionate about sharing. Each member of our team has individually volunteered locally (some for over a decade) with local dog rescue groups and shelters like the spcaLA in Long Beach. We have each donated our services to these organizations and have changed and saved many dogs’ lives.

We specialize in practical real-world solutions for all levels of training. We are passionate about educating our community on the humane treatment of animals while using force-free dog training techniques. We are LIMA compliant and apply the Humane Hierarchy to every case that we take on. Our goal is to make the jargon and science easily accessible and easy to understand, and to teach you the most effective, educated, and ethical options available. We want everyone in our community to be able to practice and maintain what we teach easily. 

* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering no-contact services while observing social distancing. Canine High School is committed to the safety and health of our students, their families and our community. Zoom options are also available. And our Online School self-study materials are FREE to our existing clients, to our veterans and to those who rescued a shelter dog. This is our way to pay it forward and to say ‘thank you’ to our very supportive clients. Thank you. And woof!

Our mission

k9hs Teachers Our Mission

Certified Professional Canine Trainers