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Local. Inclusivity. Community.


By k9HS - Canine High School

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Hello Humans!

Thank you for your interest in Canine High School, now available anytime, anywhere worldwide through our on-demand service k9HS Online. We offer school programs that include the family unit, human participation is key to developing strong bonds with your puppy. Our training programs are designed to help new dog parents understand the unique needs of their puppies, and provide the necessary tools to raise a happy and healthy dog. Our trusted team will provide your puppy with the foundation they need for many happy years with you. 


Every one of our school programs is based on behavioral learning concepts, which is how humans and dogs learn. And we use those learning methods to achieve results in a benevolent, reward-based system that is force-free. Your dog will not suffer leash jerks, yelling, or any other type of outdated and unnecessary punishment while under our care. We promote force-free training methods to ensure your pup enjoys learning and the training experience is a positive one. We believe in scientific evidence-based learning and we don't want to keep it a secret - we want to offer you the support and education that you need so that you can teach your dog and build a close, trusting bond together!.

We are passionate about helping dog parents build strong and lasting relationships with their puppies. We’re Long Beach’s go-to puppy training school for good reason - our team of professional, certified dog trainers use the latest and most effective, ethical and educated techniques to help you and your dog reach your full potential. Let us help you guide your furry friend towards being the well-behaved, happy pup you know they can be.


At Canine High School Long Beach and k9HS Online, we take pride in providing accessible and affordable dog training, tutoring and courses on-demand. With our easy-to-use online platform, you can access our services from anywhere in the world, at any time!




We are a proud minority owned Local Small Business, our team of dog trainers has been working with dogs at a professional level for decades. Canine High School was built in Long Beach for our local community and the dogs that live as part of our families. Our team is a family, and we are committed to paying fair living wages to our team. We have created a diverse, inclusive and positive work environment for our team which is reflected in the puppies and dogs under our care, as well as in their parents.

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We value diversity and inclusion that is representative of our beautiful city. ​Canine High School is part of the Safe Spaces Alliance and supports their dedication to curating LGBTQ+ welcoming and safe spaces.



We feel a strong sense of responsibility to our community; our combined education and experience are valuable assets that we are passionate about sharing. Each member of our team has individually volunteered locally and internationally (some for decades). We have supported local dog rescue groups like Long Beach Spay and Neuter Foundation and shelters like the spcaLA in Long Beach by donating our services and time to these organizations that change and save the lives of many dogs.

Please take the time to read our Reviews, Mission & philosophy, and as always, we are always here if you need to speak to human!

5-Star Reviews

Love us. Review us. Yass.


By k9HS - Canine High School

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Puppy School Client reviews in Long Beach
"We started sending her to school and with the consistency, our Lucy is now a happy go lucky young lady"

- Connald C, Long Beach CA


School Programs

Puppy. Dog. Social.


By k9HS - Canine High School

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Our local Long Beach team is insured, bonded and certified in pet first aid & CPR by the American Red Cross. We are a convenient mobile service for Long Beach and the neighboring communities of Signal Hill, Naples Island, Seal Beach, Belmont Shore, Rossmor and Los Alamitos. If you are outside of our service area, please visit k9HS Online, dog training and tutoring on-demand is accessible from anywhere, anytime!

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Educated. Ethical. Effective.


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