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By Carlos F Morales - CPDT-KA

k9HS Head Trainer Carlos with dog

Welcome k9HS online!


Parents currently enrolled in one of our In-person Local School Programs in Long Beach CA can login to access the entire curriculum for each series FREE of charge. Your can access your self-study materials, courses and tutorials, all from here!

Are you out of our service area? No problem, you can access our Online Courses, Tutorial Videos and Self-study Materials anytime and anywhere in the world! You can even earn some certifications like the AKC Virtual Home Manners that are specifically made to be done Online. You and your pup can participate from anywhere in the world and embark on a great bonding experience together.

Virtual 1-on-1 tutoring sessions are also available to any parent in need of personalized instruction from our trainers. During our virtual sessions or courses, we pledge to use empathy and compassion when offering feedback. We want to highlight our commitment to use mindfulness when communicating with our clients, some situations may be very private and we will always respect your privacy and be tactful when bringing up an observation. While we will always be tactful, respectful and kind, we will also be factual and honest with you when there is something that is causing a dog harm.

Check out our Online Services:

  • Available Online

    Individual & Force-Free Private Training from Basics to Advanced

    1 hr

  • Available Online

    Add-on Service to Private, School & Online Course clients!

    30 min

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By k9HS - Canine High School

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Puppy School Client reviews in Long Beach
"We started sending her to school and with the consistency, our Lucy is now a happy go lucky young lady"

- Connald C, Long Beach CA


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By k9HS - Canine High School

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