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Dog rehabilitation school, a complete Socialization program for dogs in Long Beach!

Our rehabilitation school program is designed for dogs that have not successfully learned how to socialize with other dogs due to leash anxiety, shyness, fear or lack of exposure. A dedicated trainer will expose your dog(s) to well-adjusted, socialized dogs without making the issues worse. Our goal is to offer your dog a chance to learn in a safe environment and eventually participate in group activities like our dog daycare. At Canine High School, we firmly believe that every dog deserves a chance!


You will receive weekly progress reports, access to our Online Library, materials, resources and AKC Certification Exam Preparation Group Classes. We transfer the knowledge to you so that you can keep up and maintain the progress that we make. When your dog completes the program, you will receive a completion certificate, your dog will be accepted into our daycare program if they are able to overcome their social hurdles. At the very least you will have a well-trained dog and you will have the skills and knowledge to manage their issues and offer them a happy and fulfilled life!


Rehab School syllabus


Monday through Friday schedule

Convenient at-home pick-up 9-11am & drop-off 3-5pm


Dedicated trainer for daily class and training exercises

Dedicated trainer for on-leash walking, socialization

Supervised interactions and rehabilitation exercises  

FREE Group Dog Training Classes

Instagram videos and picture posts

Rehabilitation School Completion Certificate


FREE weekly group classes!

FREE member training resources access!

FREE training support for life!


Rehab school curriculum


Moderate Training (and Basic Training if necessary)

Canine Obedience, Impulse Control & Recall 

Socialization - Calm Around Dogs & Humans

Exposure - Environments & Stimuli

Curbing Separation & Leash Anxiety 

Pulling on Leash or Refusing to Walk 

Nuisance Barking • Resource Guarding Food, Items & Humans 

Lack of Socialization & Exposure 

Moderate Submissive Peeing, Digging & Guarding 

Trust Recovery 

Over-excitement - Calm Around Dogs & Humans


Rehab School Requirements


Admissions interview 

Temperament assessment

Dog must be spayed or neutered

Vaccination records

City licensing

Lock-box or backyard access (we do not store keys)

Pack introduction with head trainer

Dogs trained in personal defense or in any activity involving violence against other dogs or humans are not eligible to participate in any program or services by Canine High School 

Acceptance into the program is determined during the Admissions Interview. There is no school term, we work at the dog’s personal speed. Our curriculum is tailored to the specific dog’s needs, so we take into consideration if applicable:


Dog’s age, breed and gender

Dog’s previous training participation

Dog’s history of dog or human aggression and severity

Length of time the unwanted behaviors have taken place

Past trauma, abuse and/or lack of socialization

School details

Rehab school details


1. We conduct a Call with Admissions to create your account and fill out paperwork. Then we schedule an Admissions Interview with our head trainer (no-contact, outdoors) before scheduling your first day of service and buying your Pricing Plan.


2. You purchase your Pricing Plan and use our Book Online system to schedule which days you want your dog to go to school each week. And you can use the same convenient system to reschedule or cancel any days. 


3. We pick up your pup during our route from 9-11am and drop them off between 3-5pm. Pick-up and drop-off  is no-contact and outdoors in front of your home, or we can also pick up from your backyard. If you are not home, we ask that you leave your pup as close to the entrance as possible and we use a lock-box to come in and out without contact.  


4. We will be working with your pups for at least 4 solid hours of pack walks, training and water breaks in between, as we work to increase their social skills. We will send you picture updates during the day and weekly report cards and badges until completion of the program. Please do not overfeed them before school or they might get car-sick and be disinterested in training.


5. You do not need to provide the treats, but you can if you want to. Please also let us know if there are any food allergies or restrictions. We use freeze dried beef livers because they are high reward and have no additives. We buy US made only. Please do not send expensive leashes or things that you do not want to be chewed up while we are driving. But yes, you can pack lunch for them and send your dog’s favorite blanket and toys if you like.

Get started
  • Schedule a phone call with our admissions coordinator!

    20 min

    FREE service
  • Schedule a temperament & behavioral assessment with our head trainer!

    40 min

    99 US dollars
  • Schedule a phone-tag-free phone call with a real human!

    20 min

    FREE service

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