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k9hs Private Home Schooling

Certified Professional Canine Trainers

Force-Free Dog Training. LIMA Compliant. Effective, Educated, Ethical.

Welcome to private, at home dog and puppy training by Canine High School. We specialize in practical real-world solutions for all levels of training. We are passionate about educating our community on the humane treatment of animals while using force-free dog training techniques. We are LIM compliant and apply the Humane Hierarchy to every case that we take on. Our goal is to make the jargon and science easily accessible and easy to understand, and to teach you the most effective, educated, and ethical options available. We want everyone in our community to be able to practice and maintain what we teach easily. 

As we work with you and your dog at your home, we pledge to use empathy and compassion when offering feedback. We want to highlight our commitment to use mindfulness when communicating with our clients, some situations may be very private and we will always respect your privacy and be tactful when bringing up an observation. While we will always be tactful, respectful and kind, we will also be factual and honest with you when there is something that is causing a dog harm. 


k9hs Private Syllabus

Certified Professional Canine Trainers

Force-Free Dog Training. LIMA Compliant. Effective, Educated, Ethical.

Our private courses can be structured a-la-carte or in packs of 4 private sessions. Each class will consist of 30 minutes of theory and examples, and 30 minutes of hands-on training. You will be assigned easy homework, goals and challenges after each session. You schedule your sessions at your dog’s personal speed. Each class is personally tailored to your needs and your specific priorities. 

Dedicated dog trainer will work with you & your family

At the convenience & comfort of your own home

Personally tailored to YOUR specific needs & priorities

Breed specific education, learn about your dog’s needs

Kid friendly materials, include your whole family

You schedule your sessions at your dog’s personal speed


k9hs Private Customizable Curriculum

Certified Professional Canine Trainers

Force-Free Dog Training. LIMA Compliant. Effective, Educated, Ethical.

Basic Training

• Force-free training, learning methods, consistency

• Canine Verbal & Hand Commands

• Puppy and New Adoption Training

• House Training - Crate & Potty Training

• Basic Manners & Politeness

• Mouthing, Barking & Jumping Correction

• On-leash Walking

• Separation & Leash Anxiety Prevention

• Canine Obedience, Impulse Control & Recall 

• Socialization - Calm Around Dogs & Humans

• Exposure - Environments & Stimuli


Moderate Training 

• Intermediate - Assigning Commands to Actions 

• Curbing Separation & Leash Anxiety 

• Pulling on Leash or Refusing to Walk 

• Nuisance Barking • Resource Guarding Food, Items & Humans 

• Lack of Socialization & Exposure 

• Moderate Submissive Peeing, Digging & Guarding 

• Trust Recovery 

• Over-excitement - Calm Around Dogs & Humans


Advanced Training 

• AP - Public Access Commands 

• Aggression around Dogs & Humans 

• Fear & Leash Aggression 

• Resource Guarding Aggression 

• Extreme Separation Anxiety 

• Leash Aggression 

• Trauma, Agoraphobia, Obsessive Compulsion & Self-Harm Rehabilitation 

• Advanced Submissive Peeing


k9hs Private Requirements

Certified Professional Canine Trainers

Force-Free Dog Training. LIMA Compliant. Effective, Educated, Ethical.

 Dog proof of vaccinations are required

 Sexually mature dogs approximately 9-12 months old must be spayed or neutered

Temperament assessment

Dogs trained in personal defense or in any activity involving violence against other dogs or humans are not eligible to participate in any program or services by Canine High School 

Admissions interview 

Temperament assessment

City licensing

Lock-box or backyard access (we do not store keys)

Acceptance into the Canine High School Daycare, Puppy and Rehab School Programs, Private and Group training is determined during the Admissions Interview. We take into consideration if applicable:

Dog’s age, breed and gender

Dog’s previous training participation

Dog’s history of dog or human aggression and severity

Length of time the unwanted behaviors have taken place

Past trauma, abuse and/or lack of socialization


k9hs dog School Details

AKC Certification Preparation

Dog Training Day School Program to prepare for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program.

Our Pricing Plans allow you access to schedule your private appointments with your trainer, you will have access up-to 7 days in advance and can cancel and reschedule up-to 24 hours in advance. You schedule at your own pace and personal speed.